Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil is available from Mesa Lavender Farms in 15 ml amber glass dropper bottles. Use in aromatherapy, and topical applications. Add to water and other drinks for a refreshing taste. Lemon essential oil is toxic to pets. Information on its uses with links to research is provided.


Lemon Essential oil in a 15 ml dropper bottle

Lemon Essential oil is known for its aromatic and healing properties. This pure essential oil is undiluted.

Lemon essential oil has been found to be beneficial when used in aromatherapy, as a topical application and even when taken internally. Lemon is  safe to ingest and for that reason we use this essential oil in our CBD tinctures.

Not all essential oils are safe to consume.  “Some EOs have convulsant effects and may trigger seizures in both epileptic and healthy individuals. Internal use of EOs like sage, hyssop, rosemary, camphor, pennyroyal, eucalyptus, cedar, thuja, and fennel can cause epileptic seizures because they contain thujone, 1,8-cineole, camphor, or pinocamphone, which have been identified as convulsive agents.”

This undiluted Pure Therapeutic Grade A essential oils is best used in a diffuser for aromatherapy, and added to salves, lotions, body butters, and other topically applied products.  Essential oils are best not applied directly to skin without diluting depending on one’s sensitivity level. Concentrated essential oils should not be used around eyes or on mucous membranes . Sensitivity and  problems with dermatitis can be a problem for sensitive individuals especially with young children. When using with children first determine if sensitivity is an issue.

Note: Essential oils are best diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. Some essential oils require dilution to 2% while others are safe for topical use at 20%.

Essential Oils and Children

When using concentrated essential oils with children always conduct a patch test to assess sensitivity before using. Apply a small amount of the product to an arm or a leg, and leave for 24 hours. Some care givers do this on the foot. If there is any redness or pain to the touch, discontinue use.

An important cautionary note. No essential oil should ever be used on babies under 3 months. Similarly, they should never be ingested by a child. Avoid using with infants or kids who have asthma.

Essential oils and pets

Many essential oils are toxic to pets. Oil of cinnamon, citrus like lemon, pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, tea tree (melaleuca), wintergreen, and ylang ylang, are poisonous to cats and dogs. Both ingestion and skin exposure and even when used in a diffuser can be toxic. For that reason Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD tinctures and salve do not contain any essential oils. We highly recommend you avoid lemon around your dogs. Mesa Lavender Farms recommends you speak with your veterinarian about the use of essential oils around your pets if you have any confusion. Lavender essential oil is  considered the essential oil which can be safely used in a diffuser with your pets.

Lemon Essential oil – Citrus limon – Benefits

The genus Citrus (Family Rutaceae) is one of the ancient, most traded, and most popular crops. The earliest records of its cultivation date back to 2100 BC. Here are some of the benefits of lemon essential oils.

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