Large Animal CBD Oil


Large Animal CBD Oil is designed to improve your animal’s quality of life.  Formulated by Mesa Lavender Farms. Developed with horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, dogs over 200 pounds, and other large animals in mind. Designed to help those suffering from pain from arthritis, or with anxiety issues such as occur when trailering or experiencing new environments. Apple and Peppermint flavors tend to be preferred by most large animals.


Large Animal CBD Oil

from Mesa Lavender Farms was developed with horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, dogs and other  animals of 200 pounds or more because we want to help those suffering from pain from arthritis, or with anxiety issues such as occur when trailering or experiencing new environments. As we know, stress can lead to Wood Chewing, Lignophagia. This is the abnormal behavior of chewing and eating wood. This is different than Cribbing. Giving CBD can produce results in a few minutes in the animal demeanor.

Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD Oil comes in 4 ounce wide mouth plastic bottles. We choose plastic as many will want this in their tack shop. Plastic means it won’t be easily broken when dropped. The wide mouth was selected so the syringe can be used to draw up the amount of CBD oil required based on the animals weight. A dosage card is provided along with the syringe for accurate dosing. Mesa lavender Farms recommends starting with the dosage recommended and increasing the dosage if you don’t realize the benefits expected. Keep in mind too much or too little results in little or no results.

large animal cbd oil

Large Animal CBD Oil with syringe and dosage card

The 2400 mg of CBD in this tincture means each ounce has 600 mg, each milliliter (cc) contains 20 mg, and each drop contains 1 mg of CBD. Free of THC.

Our Large Animal CBD tincture is available in 4-ounce wide mouth plastic bottles and is formulated so each milliliter (cc) contains 20 mg of CBD. To make dosing your animals as convenient as possible we have include a 10-cc syringe and a dosing chart marked by weight with each bottle.

Mesa Lavender Farms large animal CBD tincture/oil is made with high quality ingredients and Colorado grown CBD isolate. This has been tested for purity and contains no THC.  CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, and at low doses is very effective for soothing the nervous system without affecting cognition or balance. CBD can be surprisingly affordable when helping soothe a horse’s nervous system.

Products containing THC on the other hand, can produce psychoactive responses, such as changes in mood, increased anxiety, hallucinations, or other changes in brain chemistry.

Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD Oil is safe to use

Analyses show Mesa Lavender Farms oils are free of pesticides and heavy metals, enterotoxigenic E. coli, Salmonella, other bacteria, and fungi. Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD oil contains 2400 mg of CBD in each 4-ounce plastic bottle. A plastic syringe is provided to facilitate proper dosing. We have selected a plastic bottle for this product as we know how easy it is to drop a bottle especially when your hands are cold or you have on gloves.

Plastic is safer for you and your animals. We prefer plastic over glass for this Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD Oil.

The carrier oil is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil from coconuts known for its health benefits such as increased cognitive function. Our MCT oil does not contain palm oil and is USDA certified organic.

CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, and at low doses will be very effective when rubbed into or applied to the animal’s gums.

Due to a large animals’ lower metabolic rate, lower levels of CBC than you or I would take can still be effective. We recommend five cc of Mesa Lavender Farms Large Animal CBD oil for a 1000-pound horse, or 1 cc per 200 pounds of body weight. 1 cubic centimeter is equivalent to 1 milliliter (ml).

Adding CBD to the animals feed results in a loss of 80% or more of the CBD due to it being lost in the digestive system and broken down in the liver (the first pass effect). Rubbing/applying the CBD to the gums results in a higher percentage of the CBD being absorbed than added to feed or water. To be effective when added to food or water, you would need to up the dose by 4 to 6 times.

Our tests using friendly horses and donkeys indicate two flavors, peppermint and apple are preferred. Both of these flavors are food-grade certified. Mesa Lavender Farms does not want to provide our customers, to include horses, donkeys, etc. with products which will cause harm.

If you are going to compete in USEF competition, CBD nor any other cannabinoid should be given within 7 days of the competition. CBD is likely to effect the performance of a horse due to its reported anxiolytic effects, i.e., it reduces the horses anxiety.

For localized spots such as knees, hock joints, etc. try Mesa Lavender Farms unscented CBD salve. Rub it into areas that need special attention.

For smaller animals like dogs and cats, we recommend Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD formula.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

Apple, Peppermint