Kai Bites


Kai Bites contain 100 mg Hemp and 20 mg of D9-THC per Square. One half square is typically what is  consumed at a time.



Kai Bites

In addition to our Kai Chocolate bars, we now carry Kai Bites. Each Bite contains 100 mg of Hemp and 20 mg of D9-THC in each 0.5 ounce delightful Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate square. Potency information.

Chose from any of the following flavors: Happy Hazelnut Crunch and ‘Salty Sea’ Caramel in milk chocolate, as well as Raspberry Sunrise, Meditation Mocha, Hang Loose Lemon, and Peaceful Peppermint in Dark Chocolate. Gourmet Hemp Chocolate with the added bonus of Delta 9-THC.ch

Available in lots of 10 for $75.  Free Shipping.

Assortment of  all six flavors  contains one of each  flavor plus four more selected by staff.

Kai Bites

Kai Bites

Suggested Serving: 1/4 piece. (5 mgD9 and 25 mg Hemp)

May Contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, or egg.

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10 Happy Hazelnut Crunch in Milk Chocolate, 10 Peaceful Peppermint in Dark Chocolate, 10 Hang Loose Lemon in Dark Chocolate, 10 Raspberry Sunrise in Dark Chocolate, 10 Meditation Mocha in Dark Chocolate, 10 ‘Salty Sea’ Caramel in Milk Chocolate, 10 Happy Hazelnut Crunch in Milk Chocolate, 10 Assortment of All 6 Flavors