Culinary Lavender Sugar


Culinary Lavender Sugar is a combination of finely ground culinary Lavender buds and organic sourced cane sugar. This is great for adding to coffee and tea, using in baking, rimming glasses, and using with icings, glazes, and even melted chocolate.

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Culinary Lavender Sugar

CULINARY LAVENDER SUGAR FROM MESA LAVENDER FARMS® blends our finely ground culinary lavender with pure organic cane sugar for a complementary sweet flavor. Our Culinary Lavender Sugar is perfect for baking, simple syrups, cocktails, and more. We grind our lavender buds as opposed to using whole buds as this allows the full scent and flavor of the lavender to be expressed. Many recipes call for tossing in whole lavender buds to the sugar you have selected. This does not give you the full benefit of taste as when you grind the buds prior to adding them to the sugar.

‘FOLGATE’ CULINARY LAVENDER FROM MESA LAVENDER FARMS® is one of the best culinary lavender available. Other lavenders for culinary use are  ‘Buena Vista’, ‘Hidcote Pink’, ‘Melissa’, and ‘Royal Velvet’.  Mesa Lavender Farms specializes in ‘Folgate’ as our culinary selection. All of these culinary lavenders are cultivars of the Lavandula angustifolia species. These lavender cultivars have a low camphor content when compared to the hybrids such as Grosso, Super, Provence, and others.

While some of the hybrids are used for baking, they are not the same quality you will find with Mesa Lavender Farms ‘Folgate’ Culinary Lavender.  The hybrids have camphor as one of their natural plant-based chemical compounds. If you are not familiar with Camphor, think of Vicks Vapor Rub and remember its bitter taste when it touches your lips. Not a pleasant experience.

If you make the mistake of using a non-culinary lavender you will often find the taste is bitter due to the camphor content of the lavender you chose. These cultivars are typically hybrid lavenders and not of the species Lavandula angustifolia. Beekeepers sometimes add the hybrid lavenders to honey in hopes of infusing their honey with lavender. They are often disappointed due to the resulting  bitter taste caused by the camphor common in hybrids. Some L. angustifolia cultivars also have higher camphor contents than ‘Folgate’ resulting in undesirable results.

4 OZ BOTTLES AND CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. Typically available in 4-oz spice bottles with a sifter lid, we can also provide custom sizes of our Lavender Salts and Culinary Lavender Sugar for white label customers. Our white label customers apply their own labels instead of marketing these products using Mesa Lavender Farms labels. For further information, please inquire at

Use Culinary Lavender Sugar for Baking and Beverages

Try it in Lemonade, Tea, or coffee. How about a Lavender Latte? If you brew your own coffee, add Mesa Lavender Farms Culinary Lavender Sugar to the basket prior to brewing. You will need to experiment to determine how much to add to match your taste requirement but this is a great addition to your daily cup(s) of this brew.

Try it in baked goods. Sprinkle it on cookies, cupcakes, and scones before baking. Sprinkle it on berries. Black berries are especially nice with a light coating of Mesa Lavender Farms Culinary Lavender sugar as it takes away the bitter taste blackberries sometimes have, especially when harvested too early.  Shake a little Culinary Lavender Sugar over your breakfast cereal as a way to increase the joy of the morning.