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Mesa Lavender Farms CBD salves help you manage your aches and pains from arthritis and other human and animal ailments. We have unscented and scented versions based on your desires. Select the frequency you would like your order to be delivered. Monthly, every 2nd month, every 3rd month.


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Mesa Lavender Farms CBD Salve Subscription Page

This page is designed for those wanting to take advantage of Mesa Lavender Farms 20% off subscription price for CBD Salves. The link to purchase this product one time is here. These salves are formulated using CBD Isolate from Industrial Hemp. Select the frequency you desire: monthly, every 2nd month, every 3rd month.

Why should you Purchase Mesa Lavender Farms CBD Salve?

Mesa Lavender Farms CBD salve helps you manage your aches and pains from arthritis and other human and animal ailments.  As a result of manufacturing our own CBD Salve, we ensure you purchase the best quality product possible. We produce our salves from beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and CBD from Industrial hemp as well as various essential oils. Each ounce contains 100 milligrams (mg) of CBD. The one-ounce container fits easily in your pocket or purse. It is also the proper size when traveling. The two-ounce tub is less costly per ounce than the one-once tub.

A CBD Salve Scent for Everyone!

We understand not everyone likes lavender. It is our mission to appeal to everyone while providing the same pain relief to our customers. Through research and development, we have formulated various scent options which provide excellent results to our customers who are seeking pain relief from inflammation, scratches, stings, dry skin – the list is long. You will be pleased with the scent and pain relief results of any of our Salve.

What is CBD?

“The term ‘CBD oil’ means a substance, not containing any other psychoactive substance. The CBD used in our salves is isolated from Industrial Hemp. Hemp is a cannabis plant with tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in a proportion that is considered non-psychoactive under applicable State law.” The CBD isolate we use contains no THC, or cannabinoids, or terpenes.

Does CBD Salve Help?

Scientific literature reports CBD is effective in controlling pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other ailments. CBD provides long-lasting relief to topical irritations, sore muscles, and joints. We suggest you massage small amounts onto areas of soreness 3-5 times a day. The coconut oil base helps carry CBD into the system through the skin.  The antioxidant Vitamin E helps to protect and repair your skin from environmental stresses.

Mesa Lavender Farms CBD salve is available in one-ounce tubs and two-ounce tubs.  The ingredients used to formulate Mesa Lavender Farms CBD Salve are beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, and various essential oils to provide fragrance. Each ounce  contains 100 mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp.

CBD Salve – Sweet Mint

Infused with Eucalyptus oil, Spearmint oil.

CBD Salve – TRI

This version contains the lavender essential oils of ‘Grosso’, ‘Super’, and ‘Maillette’.

CBD Salve – ONE

This salve is formulated with  ‘Grosso’ lavender essential oil.

CBD Salve -Iceland

Iceland contains Wintergreen, Birch,  Lavender, and Menthol.

CBD Salve – Unscented

For those who aren’t interested in scents or are allergic to scent, we have an unscented version just for you.

Is CBD Legal? Check out this link.

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