Using images to promote your affiliate marketing program

Using an image on your web site, social media, or email to promote Mesa Lavender Farms products and give you credit for any sales is easy. Simply add your affiliate link as a hyperlink to the image. When the potential customer clicks on the image they will be taken to Mesa Lavender Farms website, and you will get credit for any sales made.

This is simple. Let’s say you were assigned the affiliate link .  Add the image, and then paste your assigned affiliate link into the image. Always click on the image to ensure the link works properly. Or, you could have a link in your email etc. that says click here with your link.

Note:  if you don’t remember your Affiliate Link, click on Store Affiliate at  and you will automatically go to your account and be able to copy your affiliate link.


Sample images are available at the bottom of our Store Affiliate web page. If you prefer, you could copy an image off web page and add your affiliate link. Paste the image to your web site or social media post.

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