Lavender Improves Sleep

Lavender Improves Sleep

Many of Mesa Lavender Farms customers use Lavender essential oil or hydrosol as a sleep aid. Some put drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, under their nose, or use a diffuser to enhance sleep.

Others mist lavender hydrosol on their pillow and bed linen. Hydrosol is often called Floral Water. Mesa Lavender Farm’s Hydrosol is the water produced during the distillation of essential oil. It contains microdroplets of lavender essential oil and the water-soluble components of the plant.

Here are a few research reports on how lavender improves sleep.   You might find these of interest.

  1. The nighttime exposure to lavender aroma relieves sleepiness at awakening. In other words, participants in this study awoke feeling refreshed. You can find the research at
  2. A patch containing lavender essential oil placed on the chest improves quality of sleep. In this study a FitBit tracker was used to determine sleep quality. This study also found the participants awoke feeling refreshed. The statistical analysis of this study revealed the same results would be occur 99% of the time (p=<0.01). This research is at
  3. This study explored the effects of lavender fragrance on sleep and depression in women college students. It was found the fragrance of lavender had a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression.
  4. The use of lavender either in capsule form or aromatherapy was shown to improved the quality of sleep, depression, anxiety, sexual desire, and psychological and physical symptoms. Subjects reported feelings of relaxation, happiness, and cleanness after using lavender. The research articles evaluated for this review involved elderly and menopausal women.
  5. Melatonin is related to sleep with the melatonin blood level decreasing as a person ages, With older adults this drop in melatonin is commonly associated with insomnia and other types of sleep disorders.  This study analyzed the effect of aromatherapy with lavender on serum melatonin levels in older adult. The conclusion was aromatherapy with lavender essential oil similarly favors an increase in blood melatonin levels in both older adult men and women.

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