CBD Oil from Mesa Lavender Farms

CBD Oil” is one of the top Google searches with thousands of searches a week for this term. CBD Oil is, by definition, CBD which has been extracted from the Cannabis plant and blended with an oil such as coconut oil. CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil or hemp seed oil.

CBD Oil Flavors:

Mesa Lavender Farms CBD oils are available with and without flavoring. We have added food-grade essential oils to create a Peppermint CBD oil, a Lavender CBD oil, a Lemon CBD oil, and a Lavender/Lemon CBD oil. We also have an Unflavored version. In addition to these versions, we also have created CBD oil with a Full Spectrum CBD distillate and a CBD Isolate. The Full Spectrum contains a number of cannabinoids in addition to CBD with a touch of THC. The Isolate is 99.8% CBD with no other cannabinoids.

How CBD Oil is created?

When CBD is first extracted as a distillate, it is the consistency of molasses. Over time, this gummy substance turns into a solid. The CBD isolate is a powder the consistence of confectionary sugar. The distillate and isolate we use have been tested and found free of human pathogens, pesticides, and heavy metals. We want to ensure we provide you the safest and most effective CBD oils possible.

The oil we use to create Mesa Lavender Farms CBD tinctures is USDA Organic Food Grade Coconut oil. This oil is purchased in 55-gallon drums and has no fillers such as palm oil. The coconut oil is heated to a specified temperature and the CBD added. The temperature of the oil is critical as this determines if the CBD will infuse throughout the coconut oil.

Why not Hemp Oil?

We do not use Hemp Oil, also known as Hemp Seed Oil in our formulations. Hemp oil does not contain CBD, THC, or any of the other cannabinoids. We find hemp seed oil often is not clean because most producers don’t test for microbes, heavy metals, or pesticide contamination. The Food Grade certified products we use in our CBD oil tinctures eliminate the chance of our clients getting sick.

Another reason why we use MCT oil in lieu of Hemp Seed Oil is its greater bioavailability. CBD needs to be carried into and through the body on a fat molecule. MCT oil has a higher concentration of fat molecules than Hemp Seed Oil and thus more CBD and other cannabinoids are absorbed by the body when MCT oil is used as the carrier oil. MCT oil contains good fat molecules. Some CBD oil manufacturers say they use Hemp Seed Oil as it increases the effect of the CBD. There is no scientific evidence this is correct.

You can find our CBD oils at https://mesalavender.com/product-category/cbd/.



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