Last week on the blog we talked about Lavender, and it’s uses. However, lavender is not the only plant that we’re fond of even though we named our company after it. Since you’re on our blog right now, you might have taken a glance at our Hemp salves over on our product page. One of our favorite aspects of the salves we sell is that there are numerous other types of beneficial aromatic compounds from some of our most admired plants that we’ve blended in our salves.

At Mesa Lavender Farms®, we’re absolutely enthralled with the power of nature. We craft all of our products with natural and organic ingredients. We want to take care of our customers by avoiding undesired contaminants and additives. Therefore, we’ve selected some of the best treasures of nature to include in our Hemp salves. In our Iceland and sweet mint salves we’ve included plants like birch bark, spearmint, and eucalyptus. So, today we’d like to share some interesting facts about the wonderful types of flora these beneficial aromatics come from.

Birch Bark Is Not Just a Beneficial Aromatic, But Also a Fascinating Plant

You might just be familiar with birch as only a bark that’s made into a beneficial aromatic. However, birch bark has an interesting history of human use. It was deeply valued by the indigenous peoples of North America and Canada. These trees are very modestly sized. Therefore, they’re very easy to cut down to make use of their bark and wood. Some Native American tribes used birch bark for multitudes of purposes from crafting musical instruments and household appliances, to building their own dwellings with it.

We aren’t capable of tracing how far back indigenous cultures of North America used birch bark, however, we can trace the use of birch bark very far back in parts of Asia and the Middle East. In fact, the oldest Buddhist writings ever discovered, known as the Gandhāran, were written on parchment made of birch bark. In addition to Buddhist scriptures, Kālidāsa, one of the greatest writers of the Sanskrit language, also wrote on birch bark parchment. This tradition appears to mostly belong to eastern and middle eastern cultures historically. It’s interesting to think that when you’re soothing your skin with our Iceland Hemp salve, you’re applying the same birch material on your body that was used to write these ancient texts of wisdom. That certainly can’t hurt!

Spearmint Is a Beneficial Aromatic Loved By Many

Spearmint is its own species of mint, Mentha spicata. It has high amounts of the terpene, limonene, making it a valuable plant as an essential oil. Limonene is one of the most recurrent terpenes found in nature, and has shown to have extraordinary advantages to those who use it. For this reason, spearmint oil is known as a highly beneficial aromatic.

It grows wild in many different parts of the world from Europe to Asia, and can be cultivated in many different climates. Expert gardeners recommend to grow spearmint in a jar or container because the roots spread so aggressively to other plants. Spearmint is wonderful for crafting delicious treats and beverages. It has a pleasant flavor and makes for an amazing cup of tea when served either hot or on ice. Iced spearmint tea with stevia is a refreshing and soothing beverage which will surely quench your thirst!

It is a special plant in the essential oil world because of a chemical it contains known as carvone. Most spearmint essential oils will contain between 60% and 70% of this compound. Many people have claimed experiencing a soothing effect when drinking spearmint tea. This is because the chemical carvone decreases heightened senses of excitement. If your temperament is too magnified taking some drops of spearmint essential oil can help bring you back down to normal.

Eucalyptus Is a Beneficial Aromatic and a Really Tall Tree!

Most people think of Eucalyptus itself as being a single species of trees. However, there are over seven-hundred species of Eucalyptus trees. Yes, you read that correctly; we said seven-hundred. And these trees are known to grow in a wide range of climates including both temperate and tropical zones. Parts of the world such as Asia, the Indian subcontinent, North America, Europe, and Africa are all places you might find one of the many species of this plant. Though it grows in many diverse parts of the world, nearly all seven-hundred species are native to Australia. Unlike birch trees which are more like shrubs, some species of eucalyptus trees are some of the tallest trees in the world. The mountain ash species, native to Tasmania, ranks at number three even passing the giant sequoia. It follows behind the yellow meranti tree of Thailand and the coastal redwoods of Northern California. There’s even an issue of safety around these trees because the branches are remarkably heavy due to the high amount of sap. If one were to fall on a person, it would likely result in death as it did with the fictional character Judy in the Seven Little Australians, a classic work of Australian literature.

Our sweet mint Hemp salve contains eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil is made from the leaves of the tree in a steam distiller. Use of eucalyptus essential oil has all sorts of perks and is a very beneficial aromatic. It’s great as an antiseptic and can be used for washing dishes and cleaning surfaces. Eucalyptus oil is also recognized to be one of the most effective natural insect repellents around. You’ll surely love our sweet mint salve if you’re a fan of eucalyptus.

The Bottom Line

You might have heard of the entourage effect before. It’s a theory that cannabinoids work best while in conjunction with one another. We also think that different plants can also work wonders while used together such as eucalyptus, spearmint, and birch bark. Not that they don’t work well alone, but their effects are simply enhanced together. We’ve crafted our Hemp salve from all natural, sustainably sourced hemp in coincidence with these beneficial aromatics to bring you nature’s greatest gifts.

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