Cannabidiol (CBD) for Osteoarthritis and other ailments of Dogs; Research Articles Mesa Lavender Farms Pet CBD formulation A review of the many web pages on the use of CBD for […]
Lavender: Mycorrhiza and Soil Phosphorus   by Curtis Swift, Ph.D. Check out my other blogs are at  and Introduction:   Mycorrhizae are an integral part of most plants […]
Soil Preparation and Root Diseases discusses those steps critical to preventing Phytophthora root rot and other disease problems of lavender. Proper soil preparation also enhances plant growth, and yield.
Lavender Improves Sleep
Lavender Improves Sleep Many of Mesa Lavender Farms customers use Lavender essential oil or hydrosol as a sleep aid. Some put drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, under their […]
Factors affecting Degradation of Essential Oil Essential oil is composed of many chemical compounds and any deviation for their original composition may have a strong impact on the flavor and […]
CBD Oil from Mesa Lavender Farms “CBD Oil” is one of the top Google searches with thousands of searches a week for this term. CBD Oil is, by definition, CBD […]
Last week on the blog we talked about Lavender, and it’s uses. However, lavender is not the only plant that we’re fond of even though we named our company after […]
All About Lavender At Mesa Lavender Farms®, lavender is the central part of our company’s story. In the beginning, lavender was the main inspiration for our company’s creation and we […]
CDC recently reported those who smoke cannabis risk fungal infections. This makes sense as cannabis is susceptible to fungal/mold infections. Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division 2019 report shows between 13 and […]
Mesa Lavender Farms® is taking the necessary measures to keep our customers and our staff safe in the face of COVID-19. Our community’s health is our number one priority. We […]