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Kate Keaney’s vision

Mesa Lavender Farms was started in 2017 when a creative dreamer partnered with an educator. Kate Keaney, the co-founder of Mesa Lavender Farms, is an artist, specializing in graphic design.

Years ago, Kate painted a vision board for herself. Among images of her beautiful family and thriving art career, Kate painted images of a lavender field. Her vision illustrated a dream of hers, which was to incorporate her passion for creativity with her love for lavender. She hoped to one day channel this dream to help others.

Meanwhile, Dr. Curtis Swift was busy at work teaching courses at the local college while conducting research on a number of his lavender fields in and around Grand Junction, CO. Through his research, Dr. Swift knew of the powerful healing and cleansing properties lavender possessed. Upon retirement, Dr. Swift continued to farm his fields of lavender when he met Kate. The two of them teamed up and continued what Dr. Swift had learned from his research with Kate’s dream to help people through her creations of natural-based products. Mesa Lavender Farms was born, specializing in high-quality health, beauty, and culinary products infused with pure lavender essential oils produced from Dr. Swift fields.
Shortly after the birth of the company, Kate’s family suffered through some difficult times. At the beginning of 2018, her husband, Matthew, was diagnosed with stage three Burkitt’s non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. During his treatment, Matthew discovered CBD to be extremely beneficial to him. It helped him manage his pain and stabilize his mood while he underwent aggressive chemotherapy. As time went on, he found that he actually preferred the CBD over the prescribed pain killers that his doctors had given him.

Kate was amazed by the benefits her husband had experienced and knew that CBD could help other people. She brought this information to Dr. Swift to see if he was interested in bringing CBD to Mesa Lavender Farms. Dr. Swift went on to research CBD, its benefits, and its limitations. What he found combined with Kate’s experience led Mesa Lavender Farms to formulate several CBD products using the purest form of the cannabinoid. The tinctures, topicals, and more than the company produces have been providing incredible relief from mental, emotional, and physical ailments ever since.

The incredible results experienced by Mesa Lavender Farms and their patrons would not be possible without Kate and Dr. Swift’s dedication to helping people, along with the extensive research they have done to make that goal possible. Mesa Lavender Farms CBD products are unique in a number of ways. Here is what Kate and Dr. Swift would like you to know about their products:

Mesa Lavender Farms’ Products

All of Mesa Lavender Farms products are made with the highest quality CBD and lavender based ingredients. We grow our lavender here in Mesa County, Colorado. We do not use CBD crude oil in our products. We use the refined CBD version, known as distillate (full spectrum) and isolate (CBD only). All of our products are third-party lab tested. This information is provided to all our customers at the time of purchase.  The lab-tested results are on our Certificates of Analysis page. 

During this time, there are no FDA regulations on CBD. Mesa Lavender Farms is dedicated to cultivating a culture of research-based education and complete transparency about our CBD to our customers. For further information on our products, their benefits, and uses, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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